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Zodiacs: Timeline of Egypt Cut in Stone by several people - Tags: Ancient Egypt

I can not do this book justice today. Unfortunately today is the only day I have to do a proper write up. This book is not for the casual reader to pick up and go ooooooooooooooo I will find out when stuff happened! Nope, this is a *very* detailed book in regards to understanding and how to translate the zodiacs. I would suggest it only for someone who is serious about learning the process in its entirety. There is no apendix, quick fix page here to let  you know what the shiney new translation was.


There is one problem I have with this book. The Mayans, the Kemites and the hindus all have referances to an 'age' rt now we are in the age of what? aquarius or something ? well what ever age we are in, its about to end and we are about to enter a new 'age'.  For each of these cultures the cycle of the 'age' was THE SAME AMOUNT OF YEARS/DAYs - interesting concept in and of itsefl.


I bring that up because in a prior age, the planetary allingments will be the same. For example TODAY and the astrological 'stuff' will only be exactally the same /repeated one entire age from now. The writeres of this book never keep that in mind. All the times they came up with make it look like most of the info is forged or there is some crazyness going on MAJOR crazyness about time dating and when the Egyptian culture actually ended.  Now I like a good conspiracy theory as much as anyone else, but seriously... some things are a bit to far fetched for me.


I did not finish the book to see what the end results were, this book is too much over my head. Im not at the point where I want to learn how to translate mdu ntr let allone horriscopes yet.

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