Deadline for ezine submissions

If you would like to submit an article to the summer 2011 Infinity Network Ezine deadline is Saturday the 25th.
Date:Saturday, June 25, 2011
Last Activity:Jun 10th 2011

Submission Guidelines


Infinity Network ezine is published quarterly by season. This is a collaborative effort and the content is 100% submission based. There is no guideline for content except that all work is an author original, intelligent and thoughtful.


New this year is our “The Art of Fiction” section. Submissions for this are limited to 4000 words total. Any works over 2000 words will be published as a two part series in consecutive ezine releases, as a part one and two. If you have a story that does not fit this exactly please contact us and we will collaborate together to work out a method of release, which may be separate from the ezine depending on length, content and style. We aim to incorporate all works submitted in some fashion.


Authors retain all rights to any works submitted under their name.

Infinity Network retains rights to anonymously submitted works.

This ezine is a free publication and not for commercial purposes.


·         Send Submissions To:  

·         Please Title the subject of your email “Ezine Submission“

·         Include your name or pen name and link to any personal blog or website URL which you would like acknowledged in your byline. Anonymous submissions will be credited as “Submitted by Anonymous”

·         Please place text in the body of the email, attachments will not be opened. If your submission cannot be transferred in this format please contact us and we will work something out.

·         Please direct any questions to, subject title “Question for Editor” or you can always find us in the chat room and speak to us directly. There is a link to chat on our web site for quick connection.


Release Schedule

Spring Issue:      April

                Submission Deadline :March 20th

Summer Issue:  July

                Submission Deadline : June 20th (extended to 25th)

Fall Issue:            October

                Submission Deadline :September 20th

Winter Issue:     January

                Submission Deadline :December 20th


*Submissions must be received by the 20th of the month prior to release to ensure enough time for proper editing and presentation. If you have a work you would like to submit after this point, please submit the article in the body of an email with the subject reading ”Late Submission” We will review your piece and contact you as to if it will be included in that quarters publication. If time constraints will not allow us to do your article justice we will contact you and offer the option for it to be included in future releases.


*Any submission withdrawals must be made in writing prior to midnight on the first of the month of release.

(April 1st , July 1st , October 1st , January 1st) We can withdraw articles after publication.

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